Wireless Networking | Wi-Fi 6

Wireless experts ready to improve your Wi-Fi streaming, with the flexibility, speed and security you need. Experience better quality streaming from any device. Avoid downtime & glitches. We protect your data and privacy by using the latest Wireless technology & encryption.

With Wi-Fi 6, affordable mesh, and the latest router features, we can buildout a Strong Network Infrastructure. Time to buy a Wi-Fi 6 Router. Wi-Fi 6 brings wired and wireless signals closer to parity.

Improve your wireless range of coverage with:

Access Points, Ethernet-over-Powerline WiFi, Range Extenders

We sell and install the latest brands of Mesh wireless:

Google Nest, Linksys Velop, Amazon eero, Netgear Orbi, TP-Link Deco


Network Maintenance

Keep Your LAN up and running. We maintain computer networks and provide networking services for companies without an IT Department.

Moving offices? Network Installation, Upgrades, Troubleshooting & Repair.


Network Projects of all Sizes

Experienced working with clients of all sizes in numerous environments, and all with a variety of unique needs and expectations. Whether you are designing a small home office network or expanding a large corporate network, we can manage the project.

Configure networked devices, place ethernet cabling inside the walls of your corporate office, coordinate Internet installation with Vendors, add routers, switches & wireless access points to communicate with each other and share the internet. We configure a network infrastructure to fit your needs and support your evolving operational requirements.


Network Design

Plan - Create a network strategy that meets your objectives.

Design - Examine your existing network infrastructure and software applications to create a customized solution.

Budget - Select the most appropriate technologies to upgrade your LAN on-time and on-budget.

Manage - Customized managed solution to meet and evolve with your needs.