Wireless Networking

We protect your data and privacy. With a wireless router at the center of your network, you can share an internet connection, files and printers with the flexibility, speed, and security you need.

By using the latest Wireless technology & encryption, we can improve your range of coverage with:

Mesh Routers - Google Nest, Linksys Velop, Amazon eero, Netgear Orbi, TP-Link Deco

Access Points, Ethernet-over-Power Lines, High-Speed LTE Broadband


Network Maintenance

Keep Your LAN up and running. We maintain computer networks and provide networking services for companies without an IT Department.

Moving? We Install, Troubleshoot, Upgrade and Repair Networks.


Network Projects of all Sizes

We have experience working with clients of all sizes in numerous environments, and all with a variety of unique needs and expectations. Whether you are designing a small home office network or expanding a large corporate network, we can manage the project.

We configure network cards, place ethernet cabling inside the walls of your corporate office, coordinate Internet installation with Vendors, add routers, switches & wireless access points to communicate with each other and share the internet. We configure a network infrastructure to fit your needs and support your evolving operational requirements.


Network Design

Plan - We work with you to create a network strategy that meets your objectives.

Design - We examine your existing network infrastructure and software applications to create a customized solution.

Budget - Together we choose the most appropriate technologies to upgrade your LAN on-time and on-budget.

Manage - The benefits of a managed customized solution to meet and evolve with your needs.